11.15.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 223 -  Air Date: 11/15/2001
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Recap:During a morning run, Ned handed Jax the card that he had palmed to let Stefan win back the Cassadine estates. Ned questioned Jax‘s generosity and Jax pretended that he had no idea what Ned was talking about. Ned claimed that Jax was being his usually chivalrous self and declared that he needed to turn his rescuing tendencies toward Alexis. Jax stated that Alexis was a grown woman and he refused to get involved with her and her strange obsessions. Alan pulled Monica aside before breakfast to demand that she end her feud with Skye. Thinking that she had bested Skye, Monica calmly agreed, to Alan‘s surprise. Skye soon burst Monica‘s bubble when she revealed that she had doubled Monica‘s payment in order to get Janine to stay in Port Charles. Edward heard her and nearly had a fit on the spot. He commanded Alan to stop his daughter, but Alan remained firmly on Skye‘s side. Skye then announced that she would get rid of Janine once Edward handed over all of his ELQ shares.Ned blasted