11.01.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 213 -  Air Date: 11/1/2001
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Preview:Helena had her thugs take Alexis away.Recap:Laura was chilled when she received a message from Stavros indicating their imminent reunion. Laura rushed up to her attic and wallowed in memories. She finally unravelled Luke‘s clues and realized that the second entrance to the Cassadine lab must be in the cave. Strengthened by thoughts of Luke, Laura was determined to stand up to the Cassadines. To further protect herself, she got a gun to take with her when she confronted Stavros. Stavros did his best to recruit Stefan in his quest to win back Nikolas and Laura‘s affections, while Stefan tried to pit Stavros against Helena. Bobbie gave Scott a frosty reception when he visited Luke with the hopes of ascertaining Laura‘s whereabouts. Luke and Scott ended up fighting over Laura, and Luke refused to give Scott any information. Helena visited Alexis with her henchmen in tow. She intended to force her to join Stefan in captivity. Alexis and Helena exchanged barbs, just as Jax arrived t