10.31.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 212 -  Air Date: 10/31/2001
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Preview:Stavros imagines a fantastic evening with Laura.Recap:Stavros led a blindfolded Gia into a room that he had romantically decorated for Laura. He asked Gia if such a room would make a woman fall in love with him. Taking pity on him, Gia told him that love wasn‘t about pretty things or places. She described her relationship with Nikolas, telling Stavros that the reason she loved his son was because of the goodness inside of him. Stavros thanked Gia for her time, and then had his men send her back. Once alone, he imagined Laura coming to him and remarking on the change in his behavior. Nikolas visited Luke in the hospital to ask for his help with Helena, but Laura thought it was too much for Luke. Even though the antidote to the poison was working, Luke was still very weak. Still, he told Nikolas that he no longer hated him, and assured him that he was nothing like Stavros. Luke looked at the map he had drawn of the lab, but could make no sense of it. Laura sat by his bedside and