10.30.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 211 -  Air Date: 10/30/2001
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Preview:Nikolas plans to take the kids someplace safe.Recap:Sonny entered the arcade where Stavros was playing with Michael, and he told Carly that he was taking them home. Stavros bade Carly to leave if she wished, but told her he could take care of things if she decided to stay. Affronted by Sonny‘s arrogant demands, Carly told him that she and Michael were staying. Sonny declared that there were personal things they needed to discuss, and Carly finally relented. When Stavros left, she yelled at Sonny for dismissing her friend, but Sonny believed she was just playing more games. He suggested that it was time for them to end things once and for all. Carly agreed, but said that if they divorced, they would do it where their marriage began … in Martinique. Nikolas and Laura studied the map that Luke had drawn, and tried to figure out how they could get into the lab since Helena had closed off the only entrance Nikolas knew about. When Lulu came out and they hid their plans from her, La