10.25.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 208 -  Air Date: 10/25/2001
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Preview:Jax says a sad goodbye to Angel.Recap:Carly was incredulous to hear that Angel was the one who had killed Sorel. She was all for letting Angel turn herself in to the cops, but Jax and Sonny were determined to help Angel skip town. Eventually, Carly realized that if Angel left with charges pending against her, she would never be able to return. They devised a plan in which Sonny loudly proclaimed to Carly that he was leaving her for Angel. They took the fight out to the porch, where Mac and Taggert had a clear view of them. Jax threw ""Carly"" over his shoulder to take her away from the lake house, while ""Angel"" and Sonny kissed inside. In reality, Carly had donned a brown wig, and Angel a blonde one. Jax took Angel to the airport, where he had his jet fly her to an island in Greece. The friends said a sad goodbye and wished each other well. Back at the lake house, Taggert and Mac waited for a warrant before going in to arrest Angel. Zander burst into the Quartermaine mansion dem