10.24.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 207 -  Air Date: 10/24/2001
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Preview:Gia and Nikolas finally reunite for good.Recap:Skye continued to implore Jax to help her scheme against Sonny, but he remained firm that she was pursuing the wrong course of action. She assured him that she could make it worth his while, as she planned to secure more ELQ stock shares from Edward. Jax shrewdly surmised that Skye was blackmailing Edward and asked what she had on her grandfather. Skye refused to divulge her secret, but she promised that it would make them both even richer than before. In the abandoned mansion, the restless suspects berated Mac when he said that he was waiting for evidence from the lab that would prove who the murderer was. They all separately railed at him for detaining them for so long. Most angry was Angel, who stormed out of the mansion once she realized that she wasn‘t being charged. Sonny arranged for Johnny to take Alexis and Zander home. Once outside, Zander admitted to Alexis that Sonny had done everything that A.J. had accused him of. Al