10.16.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 201 -  Air Date: 10/16/2001
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Preview:Lucky is comforted by a vision of Liz.Recap:Sonny surprised Carly when he presented her with the papers that A.J. had signed, relinquishing his rights to Michael. Carly thanked him and hugged him gratefully. Sonny further stunned her by saying that he never wanted Michael to know a minute of uncertainty about who his family was. To that end, Sonny told Carly that he wanted to adopt Michael. Carly received his announcement with mixed emotions. She was pleased that Sonny was so dedicated to her son, but she felt that their impending divorce would confuse the issue for Michael. Sonny accused her of selfishly trying to stay married to him, but she felt that he was the one behaving selfishly. She told him that she needed time to think about it, and Sonny agreed. Lucky made his way to the Cassadine yacht to look for Elizabeth. Gia was the only person he found, and she was surprised that he didn‘t remember anything that had happened with Liz. Lucky confessed that Helena had gotten to