10.15.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 200 -  Air Date: 10/15/2001
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Preview:Laura manages to get Luke back to GH.Recap:Bobbie was both stunned and excited that Jax had stolen a vial of poison from Helena. However, before Jax would hand it over, he wanted to know exactly what it was. After some hedging, Bobbie finally told him that she believed it was the same poison that Helena had given Luke, and Tony possibly had a cure for it. Jax handed it over after exacting a promise that Bobbie would keep him informed from then on. Laura called Bobbie in a panic when Luke collapsed and wouldn‘t regain consciousness. She cradled his face and told him that she loved him and begged him not to leave her. At GH, Scott overheard Bobbie and Tony talking about Luke, and he followed them to the warehouse. Putting aside his personal feelings, Scott helped Tony get Luke to the hospital. Laura thanked Scott for being so understanding, and she sought comfort in his arms. Their close moment was interrupted when Luke woke up and asked for Laura. Scott watched from the doorway