10.11.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 198 -  Air Date: 10/11/2001
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Preview:The Cassadine brothers reunite at last.Recap:Sonny and Jax squared off over Alexis‘ protection of Stefan. Sonny declared that if Jax was truly Alexis‘ friend, he would accept that Alexis believed Stefan was innocent and he would help them. Jax demanded that Sonny stay out of their business, but Sonny refused to leave. Instead, Jax left after questioning Alexis‘ judgment. Alexis thanked Sonny for his support, but lamented the loss of Jax‘s trust. Sonny asked her what was going on, and all she could tell him was that the past had come back to haunt them and it was very, very dangerous. Without hesitation, Sonny told Alexis that he was putting guards on her, and he asked if she wanted him to do the same for Stefan. Alexis didn‘t think anyone could protect Stefan, but she was grateful for Sonny‘s concern and friendship. Laura was shocked to see Luke at the hospital and dismayed to realize that he was still stuck in the past. She called Bobbie to let her know where Luke was, and sh