10.08.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 195 -  Air Date: 10/8/2001
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Preview:Helena is stunned to see Lucky alive.Recap:Lucky managed to escape from his restraints and saved himself from drowning. He got to the yacht in time to see Nikolas crying over Elizabeth‘s seemingly lifeless body. Lucky collapsed at her feet and broke down in tears because he wasn‘t able to save her. Lucky couldn‘t believe that Nikolas would kill her, until Nikolas told him that Helena had commanded him to do it. Lucky assumed that Helena had programmed Nikolas, and he was devastated. He left the yacht determined to seek revenge. Finding the police useless in helping her, Gia raced to the yacht to try and save Liz herself. When she got there, she saw Nikolas near a still unconscious Liz, and she assumed the worst. Calling Nikolas a murderer, she hit him with her cell phone and tried to call the police. He got the phone away from her and tried to explain what had happened, but Gia was frantically trying to get away from him. Suddenly, Liz woke up and called out to him. At Wyndeme