10.03.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 192 -  Air Date: 10/3/2001
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Preview:""Lucien"" gives Carly some helpful business advice.Recap:Alexis admitted to Kristina that she and Ned had been romantically involved, but it fell apart because of her fears. She asserted that Ned was the best man she knew, and she was confident that Kristina would be safe with him. Jax came by, and while Alexis took him outside to berate him for involving Ned, Kristina grilled Ned about his relationship with Alexis. She easily surmised that Ned still loved Alexis, but he asked her to butt out of his private life. Kristina slipped out of the house when Ned went upstairs. Laura ran into Elizabeth on the docks and expressed her concern about Nikolas‘ plan. Liz told Laura that she was prepared to do whatever was necessary to save Lucky. She reminded Laura that she would do the same thing for Luke, and Laura couldn‘t disagree. She gave Liz the drug and cautioned her to only take four drops because any more could be deadly. Helena interrupted their talk and wondered why Liz was conso