10.01.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 190 -  Air Date: 10/1/2001
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Preview:Alexis is stunned to see Kristina at Ned‘s house.Recap:Mac continued the Sorel investigation at GH by bringing in a janitor who identified Bobbie as the nurse outside of Sorel‘s room. Bobbie told Mac that she was visiting Zander to thank him for saving Carly‘s life, and his room just happened to be across from Sorel‘s. Melissa butt in to say that it was perfectly normal for any nurse or doctor to be in any part of the hospital. Alan and Monica chimed in to say that Mac really needed to stop turning GH into his office. Mac made them understand that he was just trying to solve a case, and that he really didn‘t want any of his friends to be guilty. However, he couldn‘t ignore the fact that they all had ample motive. Alan and Monica later declared their solidarity to each other and agreed to back whatever the other said. After receiving another tip from Luke, Roy and Lucky went to a dive bar in the hopes of finding Luke or some kind of clue. They noticed that a coffin was drawn on