09.05.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 177 -  Air Date: 9/5/2001
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Preview: Ned and Alexis offers each other comfort.Recap:Sonny ran into Angel at the Grille and was surprised by the change in her attitude. She told him that she had just retrieved her father‘s body and was prepared to lay him to rest. She displayed a sauciness that Sonny found intriguing, and he asked her why it was that she always wore white. Angel told him that after her husband died, everyone expected her to wear black in mourning, but it reminded her too much of her grandmother, so she wore white instead. Sonny surprised himself and Angel by offering to help her make Sorel‘s funeral arrangements, and they left for the lake house. Carly went to the lake house to see Angel, but when Angel didn‘t answer, she went inside and started rummaging around. She found an undeveloped roll of film and managed to pocket it just before Sonny and Angel showed up. Nikolas was furious with Elizabeth for not telling him that she had taken the Ice Princess. He was also angry because Lucky threw the d