08.23.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 168 -  Air Date: 8/23/2001
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Preview: Taggert finds Sonny at the lake house.Recap: Carly demanded that Taggert arrest Angel for her role in kidnapping Carly and for trying to hurt Sonny. Taggert expressed his skepticism about Carly‘s claim, but when she was willing to sign a statement, he took her a little more seriously. He promised to investigate her allegations. At the lake house, Angel was happily surprised to see Sonny standing in the doorway. She informed him of Carly‘s visit and told him about Carly‘s accusations concerning Angel‘s feelings for Sonny. She confessed that Carly wasn‘t far off the mark, but Sonny reminded her that he wouldn‘t betray his marriage vows. Angel figured out that Sonny still loved Carly, and he confessed that he did. He didn‘t think it was a reason to forgive her or to go back to her, though. Angel believed that it gave them a chance, and she asked Sonny to consider staying with her again so that they could figure out what their next step should be. Before he could answer, Sonny sp