08.22.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 167 -  Air Date: 8/22/2001
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Preview: Sonny re-hires Alexis as his attorney.Recap: Alexis walked into Sonny‘s office as Mac and Taggert were in the midst of interrogating him. She commanded them to leave and told them that she was Sonny‘s attorney of record and anything they needed to say they could funnel through her. When they left, Sonny asked Alexis when she had decided to be his lawyer again. Alexis told him that while she didn‘t agree with all of his business practices, she now had a better understanding of his world and was willing to deal with it. She asked Sonny if he would rehire her and was stunned when he said no. He asserted that he would rather have her friendship than have their business dealings interfere with their friendship. She assured him that it would no longer be a problem and told him that she needed to work with him to distract herself from her life. Sonny agreed to take her on again, much to her relief. Carly stormed into the lake house and accused Angel of plotting to take Sonny away f