08.20.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 165 -  Air Date: 8/20/2001
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Preview: Stavros invades Stefan‘s dreams.Recap: Nikolas took Helena to see Lucky after telling her that he had kidnapped his brother. Helena commanded Lucky to reveal his true kidnapper, while Elizabeth hid in the closet and listened fearfully. Nikolas breathed a sigh of relief when Lucky declared that his brother had kidnapped him. Helena was pleasantly surprised by the news, and Nikolas demanded that she reward him by making Lucky forget his love for Liz. Nikolas saw Liz hiding and subtly acknowledged her. They both knew that the only way to free Lucky was to find out how Helena controlled him. Helena told Nikolas to leave, and then she took out the Ice Princess. Holding it out to Lucky, she forced him to tell her all of his memories of Liz, and she erased them one by one. When Helena left, Liz ran to Lucky, who looked at her as though he had never seen her before. Stavros loomed over a sleeping Stefan and whispered that he would always take everything that his little brother wanted