08.10.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 159 -  Air Date: 8/10/2001
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Preview:Stefan propose marriage to Chloe.Recap:At the auction house, Luke continued his drunken rant against Nikolas. He told Helena and all assembled that Nikolas was plotting against the Cassadines and planned to bring the family down. Nikolas responded by punching Luke out. Helena finally ordered Mac and Taggert to remove Luke from the auction even as Luke continued to lash out. Alexis offered to represent Luke in court and asked to know the truth about Nikolas and Helena. Luke declined her offer and remained unclear about Nikolas and Helena‘s association. Taggert handcuffed him to the wall and went to get a squad car to take Luke to the police station. Luke‘s inner voice urged him to get away before he ruined everything. When Taggert returned, Luke was gone. Melissa and Roy drew closer together after they released the memories of their painful pasts. Roy thanked her for making him feel good about himself for the first time in years. He kissed her, but she pulled away after a few m