07.31.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 151 -  Air Date: 7/31/2001
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Preview:Alexis is horrified to find her mother‘s necklace on the yacht.Recap:Sonny accepted Angel‘s offer of dinner, but he evaded Angel‘s perceptive questioning about Carly. Mike arrived upon the scene and was disturbed to find the duo in such an intimate setting. He clued Angel into Carly‘s potential pregnancy. Angel comforted a torn Sonny, while an oblivious Carly fantasized about a baby serving as a catalyst to reunite her with Sonny. She dreamt of everyone forgiving her -- including Sonny. On Helena‘s yacht, Alexis blasts Helena for transforming Nikolas into a true Cassadine. Alexis was shocked to discover that Helena had her mother‘s necklace and intended to put it up for auction. Though it clearly pained him to hurt his aunt, Nikolas remained true to his scheme and accused Alexis of wanting a piece of his inheritance. Infuriated with him and Helena, Alexis stormed out. Helena was suspicious of Nikolas‘ motives when she realized that everyone close to him doubted his sudden love