07.26.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 148 -  Air Date: 7/26/2001
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Preview:Sorel is surprised by a visit from Roy.Recap:Alan walked into an AA meeting just as Skye was confessing her recent misdeeds with Emily. Tears ran down her face as she admitted to not only hurting someone who cared about her, but ruining her chance at having a real life. She said that she had been tempted to drink her cares away, but realized that would only hurt her more. Alan piped up and said that he too had been messing up his life lately. He joined the group and reported his own failures as Skye listened in surprise. After the meeting, Alan and Skye sat down and apologized to each other. They pledged anew to try and be a better father/daughter team. Roy sat by Sorel‘s bedside and waited for the stricken mobster to wake up. Sorel tried to play the tough guy, but Roy reminded him that he was helpless in a hospital bed. Sorel called for help and Melissa came running in. Roy was miffed that she was treating Sorel and Melissa demanded to know the reason for his anger. He led he