07.23.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 145 -  Air Date: 7/23/2001
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Preview:Stavros delivers a stunning blow to Luke.Recap:Luke visited Nikolas‘s cottage to demand that the young prince shadow Helena to find out what she was up to. Nikolas declared that while he was slowly regaining his grandmother‘s trust, he didn‘t want to rush the process. He then asked Luke if it was true that he could count on him for help if he ran into trouble. Luke confirmed that he would be looking out for Nikolas. Just then, Gia came in so they staged an argument for her benefit. Exasperated, Gia told them both that they were fools who weren‘t worth her time. When Luke left, Gia proclaimed that she was moving out of the cottage. Since he was moving to the yacht, he was willing to let Gia have the cottage rent free. Not wanting to be in his debt, she refused and went to pack her things. As she left, Nikolas turned away to hide his tears. During the traditional Quartermaine breakfast, Alan lost his temper when Edward suggested that it would have been a good thing if Carly and