07.10.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 136 -  Air Date: 7/10/2001
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Preview:A.J. is sent a special message from Sonny.Recap:A.J. was horrified when he received a mock newspaper sporting a headline that he had died in a fiery car crash. He immediately accused Skye of creating the paper to spite him, but she was completely innocent. When she pointed out that the paper further stated that A.J.‘s dying wish had been for Carly and Sonny to raise Michael, they realized the paper was a message from Sonny. Skye told A.J. she had a plan to get Michael back, but before she could unveil it, Ned walked in. Believing that he and A.J. were still working together, he asked for information on Skye. A.J. suggested that they back off Skye for a while which made Ned realize that A.J. had switched sides. When Ned left, Skye tore up A.J.‘s court papers and told him that the way to get Michael was to lull Carly into a false sense of security. A.J. mulled that over for a minute before deciding to do things his own way. Zander procrastinated on telling Emily about her solo t