07.09.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 135 -  Air Date: 7/9/2001
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Preview:Nikolas finds Lucky and Gia in a compromising position.Recap:Laura confronted Luke about the argument between him and Nikolas. To relieve her worries, he told her about Nikolas‘s plan to infiltrate the Cassadines to feed Luke information. Laura strongly disapproved of that plan since she feared that Nikolas would be hurt somehow. She also worried about the tension it would put between Nikolas and Lucky. Luke assured her that he would look out for Nikolas, but reminded her that her son was a grown man and she couldn‘t exactly tell him what to do. Laura agreed, but asked Luke to be careful. Changing tunes, she told Luke about her dream of Stavros and he surprised her by telling her about his Stavros dream. He chalked it up to the stress the Cassadines were putting on their family and bade her not to worry. Nikolas walked into the cottage and spied Lucky and Gia playfully rolling around the couch. He used the situation as an opportunity to alienate himself from Lucky and he yelle