07.04.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 132 -  Air Date: 7/4/2001
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Preview:Gia runs into Stavros in the park.Recap:Roy visited Melissa to make certain she was safe after he had such awful dreams of her. He got to her apartment and called out to her in fear when he heard what sounded like gun fire outside. He threw her to the floor when she came out and she laughed at him because the noise was just fireworks. Later, Roy told Melissa that his dream was the reason for his bad nerves. Melissa told Roy that she had dreamt of him as well, but she wouldn‘t give the details of her dream. When he pressed her, she kissed him and said she had dreamt of doing that. After a night of dreaming about the Cassadines, Luke was more determined than ever to break through the elevator shaft and see what was in the basement. Melissa and Roy stood by as he used a blow torch to create a huge hole in the floor. Tony came along just as Luke prepared to move the wires and see what was below them. He tried to hide his panic and told Luke to leave well enough alone. Luke refused