07.03.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 131 -  Air Date: 7/3/2001
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Preview:Nikolas dreams of returning to the Cassadine fold.Recap:Luke was determined to drill down into the basement to see what Helena had hidden there. Melissa and Roy tried to dissuade him because he didn‘t have the proper equipment and it was very late in the evening. Luke agreed to take a rest and he fell asleep in a chair. He dreamt of Laura leading him to a hole that already existed in the floor and he jumped through it to find himself in the maze. He came upon a coffin and was shocked to see that he was inside of it. Yelling that he refused to be defeated, he turned to see a strange man holding a crimson rose. As he chased the man, he called out for Lucky and Lulu. Luke turned a corner and came face to face with Stavros. Though he tried to run after him, Stavros disappeared and he heard Laura‘s voice and saw her holding out her hands to him. He reached for her just as he woke up. In Los Angeles, Scott and Laura put together their photo album and Laura thanked him again for maki