06.26.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 126 -  Air Date: 6/26/2001
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Preview: Gia has a blast at her Deception shoot.Recap: Though the two women were still at odds, Melissa offered Bobbie her admiration for the way Bobbie handled the ER during the Nurses Ball accident. Bobbie reluctantly told Melissa that she had done a good job as well. Melissa also told Bobbie about talking to Carly that same night and suggested that Carly really needed her mother‘s help. Bobbie sarcastically thanked Melissa for comforting Carly. At the docks, Luke discovered a Cassadine shipment that was due to be delivered to GH. He enlisted Roy‘s help in finding out what the shipment was and they went to the hospital to ask Bobbie for help. Bobbie searched the computer and found out that while several shipments appeared to be headed for the hospital, no inventory was ever logged in. As she and Luke tried to solve the puzzle, he used the opportunity to ask her if she had changed her mind about Roy. Bobbie informed her brother that although she had forgiven Roy for his mistakes, she