06.25.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 125 -  Air Date: 6/25/2001
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Preview: Sorel has new orders for his henchman.Recap:Stavros questioned Helena about the Spencer family‘s undue influence over Nikolas. He wanted to know how such a thing had been allowed to happen. Rather than admit that she couldn‘t control Nikolas, Helena blamed everything on Stefan. She told Stavros that Stefan had an affair with Laura and was obsessed with making a family for himself with Laura and Nikolas. Stavros exploded with rage and was ready to find his brother and kill him immediately. Helena calmed him by reminding him that with their plan, everyone would suffer. Eager to begin, Stavros went to Wyndemere and spied on Stefan. Gia took a reluctant Nikolas to dinner at the PC Grille to discuss a career change for him. After hearing him sing at the Nurses Ball, she was convinced that he could have a bright future as a singing sensation. Nikolas wanted no part of such a career, though he was pleased that she thought he was talented. Gia wasn‘t quite finished coercing him and h