06.21.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 123 -  Air Date: 6/21/2001
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Preview: Alan tries to comfort Emily in the hospital.Recap: The Nurses Ball was a mix of triumph and tragedy as the nurses and doctors were called away to the ER. A train collided with a bus and left several passengers critically injured--including some denizens of Port Charles. Still, the show did go on as Lucy rallied the troops to perform. Felicia was getting dressed for her act, ""Way Down Upon the Swanee River"" when Mac had to help out with the situation at the accident site. Left partnerless, Felicia and Lucy teamed up against Luke to persuade him to step in. Luke agreed, but changed the number to ""Old Time Rock and Roll."" Laura watched their spicy performance with a pained, but tolerant smile. When the number was over, Luke returned his attention toward watching out for Helena whom he was certain was lurking around. Instead of Helena however, Stavros was doing the majority of the lurking. He spied on Laura as she sat at the table with Scott. Nikolas, Gia, and Lucky presented the