06.15.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 119 -  Air Date: 6/15/2001
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Preview:Laura delivers the final divorce papers to Luke.Recap: Felicia was stunned when she ran into Luke at the hospital and he told her that he wanted a second chance with her. Though she appeared to be tempted to say yes, Felicia told him that she had made her choice and her choice was Mac. At home, Felicia rehearsed her Nurses Ball number with Mac, but he sensed that her heart wasn‘t in it. She confessed that Luke had approached her about getting back together, but she claimed that she was determined to remain true to starting over with Mac. Mac felt that their trial period really wasn‘t working out and Felicia immediately sat next to him and started kissing him passionately. Gia expressed her reservations to Liz about being able to help Lucky and retain her relationship with Nikolas while they were all under the same roof. Liz snapped at her and reminded her that she had agreed they could stay. Nikolas and Lucky came in and witnessed the tension between the two girls. Gia later a