05.17.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 98 -  Air Date: 5/17/2001
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Preview:Sonny and Roy spoke about Carly.Recap:Helena held Lucky in her thrall by dangling the Ice Princess before his eyes. Lucky told her of his plans to marry Liz and leave Port Charles. Helena gifted him with a special ring -- the same ring that Laura reacted badly to earlier -- and told Lucky to give it to Liz. She promised that every time he looked at the ring, his mission and his future would become clear. Lucky slipped the ring in his pocket and Helena woke him from the trance. An unaware Lucky blasted Helena for interfering in his family and told her to stay away from them all. When he left, Helena laughed triumphantly. Nikolas and Gia returned to the cottage after futilely searching for Lucky. When Liz showed up, Nikolas took the opportunity to tell her that he thought something was wrong with Lucky. He alluded to the programming without openly saying it since Gia didn‘t know about it. Gia fumed against their secrecy, but decided to respect their silence. Liz didn‘t believe t