05.16.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 5/16/2001
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Preview:Zander and Emily finally reunite.Recap:Melissa went in to see Lucas and quietly slipped him a St. Jude‘s medallion. Roy saw her do it and thanked her for caring. After speaking to Melissa, he received a note that made him run from the hospital. Though Tony valiantly tried to resist Helena‘s machinations, he eventually gave in and asked for her help with Lucas. Helena gave him a needle full of a strange liquid and Tony wondered how he could be sure it wouldn‘t kill Lucas. Helena offered him no guarantees, but told him that if he didn‘t try it, Lucas was certain to die. Tony took the needle and raced upstairs. He went straight to the lab where Melissa was studying an analysis of Lucas‘s blood. She said that Lucas had a virus that she had never seen before. After receiving a call from Bobbie that Lucas was doing worse, Tony took the needle up to his son‘s room. He injected the solution into Lucas‘s IV and sat with Bobbie to wait for a result. Luke and Laura were surprised to see