05.15.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 5/15/2001
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Preview:Helena shows Tony her miracle child.Recap:Felicia and Mac were thrilled when Maxie came to the hospital with a present for Lucas. She wanted to give him BJ‘s teddy bear which Bobbie had given to her. Bobbie considered it a sign of hope that Maxie was there and she knew that Lucas would be alright. Alexis visited Sonny to try and offer him comfort about the FBI deal. She knew that someone had betrayed him, but didn‘t know who. When she asked where Carly was and he didn‘t answer, she figured out that Carly had been the snitch. Carly ran into Roy while looking for Bobbie and he asked her not to disturb her mother. Carly was sorry to hear about Lucas, but needed someone to talk to. Roy suggested that she wait for him at the Brownstone and he would talk to her later. Carly went back to the Penthouse and pounded on the door, begging Sonny to let her in. Alexis came out of her place and tried to get Carly to leave, but Carly rounded on her furiously and told her to stay out of their