05.11.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 94 -  Air Date: 5/11/2001
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Preview: Luke threatens Helena‘s life.Recap: Nikolas and Lucky visited a jeweler to look for an engagement ring for Liz. As Lucky studied the diamonds, he began to go into his trance-like state. Suddenly, he rushed out claiming that he needed to see Lucas. Nikolas followed him to the hospital, but didn‘t see Lucky at first. Something prompted him to go up to the roof and he was horrified to see Lucky standing on the ledge. Liz excitedly told Audrey about her engagement to Lucky. Audrey was less than thrilled to hear that her young granddaughter was planning to get married. She advised Liz to be certain that she knew what she was doing. Bobbie went into a tailspin when Lucas‘s fever got higher and Tony didn‘t know how to bring it down. Luke and Roy tried to comfort her, but Bobbie was completely distraught. When Lucas fell into a coma, Bobbie broke down in Tony‘s arms. Roy mentioned to Luke that Helena had been making inquiries about Lucas‘s condition. They both figured that Helena mig