05.03.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 5/3/2001
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Preview: Taggert and Sonny renew their long-standing animosity.Recap: Felicia cornered Luke on the roof and finally told him that she loved him. Luke gently said that while he cared for Felicia, he didn‘t think he had any love left to give. She figured out that he was still in love with Laura and he didn‘t deny it. He told her that he needed to focus on his battle with the Cassadine‘s and he couldn‘t involve Felicia or ask him to wait for her. That left them at a stalemate so Felicia walked away. Lucky and Liz visited Lucas and brought him a video game to cheer him up. Bobbie marvelled at how good Lucky was with Lucas and what a concerned cousin he was. Lucas reminded Lucky of the day he visited the Brownstone and Lucky seemed to have no recollection of the visit. Nikolas and Gia waited in Stefan‘s office to drop off the renunciation papers. Stefan caught them kissing and Gia gave Nikolas a moment alone with his uncle. Stefan shocked Nikolas when he said that he understood why Nikolas