04.27.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 84 -  Air Date: 4/27/2001
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Preview: The ""Skye"" falls at the Quartermaine mansion.Recap: Nikolas frantically searched for the renunciation papers, but couldn‘t find them. He accused Gia of stealing them and either burning them or giving them to Stefan. Gia was appalled that his faith in her was so lacking and she told him he was just like the Cassadines after all. Stefan approached Laura about helping him deal with Nikolas. He told her that he would help her figure out what Helena was doing to Lucky if she helped him talk sense into Nikolas. Laura refused his help with either of her children. She followed him to the cottage and got there just as Stefan was yelling at Nikolas about his heritage. Laura watched proudly as Nikolas verbally trounced his uncle and said he wanted no part of the Cassadine legacy. Nikolas figured out that Stefan had stolen the papers and he ordered his uncle off of the property. Alone again, he cried as he realized what he was truly giving up. Bobbie took care of Roy at the Brownstone to