03.26.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 3/26/2001
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Preview:Luke suffered a terrible nightmare.Recap:Helena cursed Luke when she realized he had taken the disks. She demanded that Andreas get the disks back immediately. Luke was stuck in a terrible nightmare where he was searching for Lulu and Lucky. As he stumbled and fell in the dream, hands reached out to him and he reached for them. He woke up before he could see who it was. Felicia was by his side and tried to ease him out of the dream state. She put on music and they danced cheek to cheek. Laura put Lulu to bed and locked down the house for the night. She heard a noise outside and grabbed a fire poker for protection as she crept onto the porch. Someone came up behind her and she brandished the poker at them. She was stunned to realize she had hit Scott. As she bandaged him, she talked about the pain she had caused him in the past and told him how sorry she was. Scott wondered if she wanted him to back off, but she just wanted to take it slowly. Scott agreed to that and kissed her