03.23.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 3/23/2001
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Preview:Emily tells Monica she knows about the biopsy.Recap:Liz opened the door of her studio and was shocked to find Jason waiting inside. He told her that Lucky had pulled a knife on him and that he was only defending his life. Liz didn‘t believe Lucky would ever be so violent and she couldn‘t believe Jason was lying to her. She told him to get out and said she hoped she never saw him again. Ned decorated the pier with lights and a fancy dining table and waited impatiently for Alexis to arrive. She finally showed up and was amazed at what Ned had done. A violinist appeared and Ned started singing, ""It Had to Be You"" to Alexis. She started to cry as he told her that he didn‘t know what the future had in store for them, but he knew that he loved her and wanted to try. Alexis said she wanted the same things and the two toasted each other. A.J. was incredulous to find Hannah packing her bags. She told him she was leaving Port Charles on an extended assignment and wasn‘t sure when she wo