03.16.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 3/16/2001
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Preview:Helena gloated over her means to control Lucky.Recap:Liz told Laura that she wanted to resign as the Face of Deception and Lucky overheard her. Laura tried to convince Liz not to give up and Lucky exploded at his mother. He said that it was time for them to start listening to Liz and let her do as she wished. Laura suggested that Liz just needed a modeling coach. Determined to keep the peace, Liz agreed not to resign and to work with a coach. Liz met Gia in the park and told her that she was not giving in to the blackmail demands. Gia was stunned since Liz knew she would go straight to Lucky. Though Liz was shaken when Gia revealed that she had left her gloves at Jason‘s, she remained strong in her decision not to give in. Lucky had a supportive conversation with Laura over his behavior towards Liz. Laura took comfort in the fact that Lucky was acknowledging his emotions and suggested that he do the same thing with Liz. He went to Jason‘s room to try and reasonably explain his