03.13.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 3/13/2001
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Preview:Luke catches an eyeful of Scott and Laura.Recap:Luke and Roy headed back to Port Charles and Luke congratulated himself on pulling a fast one on Helena by switching the CDs. Roy worried that when Helena found out about the switch, she would retaliate by hurting Lucky. Luke assured his pal that he was prepared for Helena to retaliate in every way. Liz opened the door to her studio to find Lucky waiting for her. He asked her if she had been with Jason and Liz lied and said she had been at the mall. Lucky bought her excuse, but begged her not to shut him out or lie to him. Gia showed up and asked to speak to Liz alone. Liz managed to get rid of Lucky and demanded to know what Gia wanted. A smug Gia gave Liz the ultimatum of giving up the Deception job or losing Lucky‘s love once Gia told him the truth of Liz‘s earlier whereabouts. Roy made a beeline for the hospital once he and Luke landed in PC. Amy informed him that Bobbie had left early due to a lot of stress, most of which wa