03.12.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 50 -  Air Date: 3/12/2001
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b>Preview:Gia searches for Liz in Jason‘s room.Recap:Scott offered Sonny five million dollars to buy Deception but Sonny wasn‘t interested. Scott brought up Sonny‘s gangster lifestyle as a reason that Laura shouldn‘t be involved with him. Then he yelled at Sonny for ruining Karen‘s life when she was a teenager. Sonny turned the tables on him and told Scott that he wasn‘t to blame for Scott‘s lack of parenting. Scott left, but warned Sonny that the battle wasn‘t over. Sonny later went to the studio and found Laura and Scott in a clinch. Though Liz told Lucky she wanted to be alone after the debacle of a photo shoot, she went to see Jason instead. Jason helped her take off her makeup and held her as she cried in his arms. She marvelled that Jason understood her so well and wished that she could confide so easily in Lucky. They almost kissed but stopped themselves in time. At Jake‘s, Gia challenged Nikolas to a friendly game of darts. As they played, Lucky stormed in searching for Liz. H