03.09.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 3/9/2001
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Preview:Carly does her best to sabotage Liz‘s photo shoot.Recap:Luke was stunned to find that the Cassadine safety deposit box only contained CDs, not the Ice Princess. Not knowing what they were, Luke replaced the CDs with music CDs from his bag. He and Roy left Istanbul immediately, certain that the Turkish police weren‘t far behind. Bobbie accused Melissa of wanting to work at GH to be closer to Roy. Melissa denied Bobbie‘s claim and said that she simply came where there was work. Bobbie asked Alan if he could fire Melissa, but Alan said that without proof of Melissa‘s misdeeds, he couldn‘t let her go. Bobbie warned Melissa that Roy would never stand for her working at the hospital, or living in Port Charles. Emily suspected that Sonny was going to move Zander out of Alexis‘s Penthouse and went with Zander to beg for leniency. Sonny blasted Zander for his stupidity and for hiding behind Emily. He told Jason to move Zander to a safe house and warned Zander that it would be the last