03.06.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 3/6/2001
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Preview:Scott races to Laura‘s rescue.Recap:After putting herself in the spotlight at the Deception party, Carly announced that both Gia and Liz were still the candidates for the Face and there wasn‘t a clear choice yet. While the press went wild, everyone searched for Laura who was locked on the roof. Laura and Mac tried to stay warm as they waited for someone to figure out where they were. Mac danced with her and told her it was the best way to stave off frostbite. Scott realized that Laura was probably locked on the roof, but when the lock was glued shut, he sought help from the maintenance man. When they finally got the door open, Scott was stunned to see Laura in Scott‘s arms. Sonny and Carly had already left by the time Laura was rescued, but the teens were still around. Laura warned Gia that Carly was a liar and a user. Scott offered to go with Laura to confront Carly. At the cottage, a suspicious Nikolas point blank asked Gia if she had locked Laura on the roof. Jason burst th