03.05.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 3/5/2001
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Preview:Sorel‘s men threaten Zander‘s life.Recap:Emily was horrified as she watched Zander be beaten and dragged away by Sorel‘s men. She called Jason who immediately came to question Emily. On the strength of one clue, he figured out where Zander was being held and raced off to find him. Held captive by Sorel‘s men, Zander tried to bargain for his life and told the men that if they harmed him, Sonny would track them down and retaliate. They assured Zander that there would be no trace of him for anyone to find. Jason stood outside and looked in the window, waiting for the right time to rescue Zander. Having left the Deception party, Edward and Alan discussed their family and Alan was surprised when Edward blamed the Quartermaine troubles on Sonny. Edward was convinced that Sonny was indirectly responsible for Emily running away, Jason turning to a life of crime, and A.J. becoming an alcoholic. Alan retorted that he didn‘t think Sonny was responsible as much as Edward was. At the Decep