03.02.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 44 -  Air Date: 3/2/2001
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Preview:The focus is on Sonny at the Deception party.Recap:Emily got over her anger at Liz and helped her friend get ready for the launch party. Though Liz and Lucky tried to convince her to come with them anyway, Emily refused to leave Zander. Zander worried that Emily had to sacrifice too much to be with him and pointed out the discrepancies in their lives since they‘d met. Emily assured him that she wanted to be with him and didn‘t regret anything. As they said a sweet goodbye, Emily was horrified to see two men attack Zander in the alley. At the Penthouse, Sonny toasted Carly‘s success and reminded her that he believed in her and he knew she would make good things happen for her company. Carly was warmed by his support and the only thing that dampened her mood was when Alexis stopped by at Sonny‘s invite. He wanted her to go to the party with them so he had someone to talk to. Though Carly was less than gracious, she eventually agreed that Alexis could join them. Laura was stunned