03.01.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 3/1/2001
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Preview:Carly and Laura square off over the campaign.Recap:Laura and Carly faced off over the Deception campaign, with Carly arguing that Laura had made all the decisions for their company without consulting her. Laura refused to back off her choice of Liz and vowed to Carly that the launch party was happening as scheduled. Nikolas apologized to Lucky about his reaction to Laura‘s selection of Liz, and the brothers agreed to call a truce. Gia went to see Liz in her studio and claimed she wanted to end the fighting between them. Gia questioned Liz about how she would handle the intrusions on her privacy after she became a famous model, heightening Liz‘s stress about the Deception job. Carly later found Gia and enlisted her help in sabotaging Laura‘s announcement at the party. A suspicious Nikolas advised Gia not to plot with Carly. Emily told Liz she was bringing Zander to the launch party, but Liz said Laura did not want Zander there. An upset Emily stormed out after announcing she wo