02.14.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 2/14/2001
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Preview:Lucky surprises Liz with a Valentine‘s Day celebration.Recap: In the spirit of Valentine‘s Day, Chloe set up a romantic meeting between Ned and Alexis. She recreated Christmas holiday when they met and suggested they recapture their lost happiness. As they reminisced about their past and all the things they loved about each other, it seemed as though they might reconnect. Things fell apart when Alexis took a business call and left. Lucky was planning a huge surprise for Liz and Nikolas gave him romantic pointers. Lucky suggested that his brother use them on Gia. Liz gifted Jason with a box of homemade fudge and was surprised when he gave her a piece of glass that he‘d bought in Italy. Emily took Zander to a barn to relive the first nice moment they had when they were on the run. She confessed to him that she used to imagine them sharing a formal dance and even though there was no music, he danced with her. Gia apologized to Laura for barging into a family argument between Laur