02.12.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 2/12/2001
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Preview:Nikolas and Gia enjoy a romantic interlude.Recap: Stefan didn‘t rattle Laura or Nikolas with his demand for Laura‘s cooperation. Unable to keep quiet, Gia defended Nikolas to Stefan which impressed Laura. Laura was unable to make a decision about the Face of Deception, though she did tell Gia that her shots looked good. Later, Nikolas showed his appreciation for Gia‘s support. Sonny and Carly were unharmed by the gun fire though Carly suffered a brief panic attack. Sonny lamented that he hadn‘t kept her safe, but Carly assured him that she knew he would always protect her and keep her alive. Liz was distraught when she realized that Jason had overheard an intimate moment between she and Lucky. She admitted to Jason that it was too difficult for her to keep lying to Lucky and told him that she couldn‘t let him hide in the studio anymore. While Bobbie worried about Roy‘s reunion with Melissa, Roy was in Chicago greeting the woman he had betrayed so long ago. He was moved and stu