02.08.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 2/8/2001
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Preview:Lucky asks for Liz‘s forgiveness.Recap:Felicia broke into the apartment of the man suspected of shooting Sonny. Mac went in and searched for evidence that would implicate the man. He struck gold when he found the police uniforms and surveillance pictures of Sonny and Zander. When the man came back to the apartment, Felicia distracted him so Mac could escape. They returned later with the police and a warrant. Chloe called Alexis to L & B to try and reunite her and Ned. Ned came in and he and Alexis immediately started to argue. Chloe tried to mediate, but they remained pigheaded in their beliefs that each of them was right and the other wrong. Alexis finally stormed out and Ned declared to Chloe that he and Alexis were officially over. Emily settled into her new independent life as a waitress and assured Zander that though she missed her family, she was happy. Meanwhile, Edward cajoled Juan into taking Emily to dinner to try and convince her that she was making a mess of her li