02.07.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 2/7/2001
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Preview:Ned and Alexis still can‘t come to terms with each other.Recap:Ned informed Chloe of his and Alexis‘s decision to remove Alexis as L & B counsel. Chloe was perturbed that they were both being so pigheaded and refused to work things out. Ned declared that it had moved beyond that stage and said that he loved Alexis, but their relationship was basically over. Alexis interrupted a talk between Carly and Sonny when she needed Sonny‘s advice over her situation with Ned. She vented to Sonny that she couldn‘t believe she had become the kind of woman who was pining over a man. While she loved Ned, she really didn‘t think she had done anything wrong. Angry and jealous over Sonny choosing to talk to Alexis rather than spend time with her, Carly asked Sonny if she had any reason to worry about their relationship. Sonny told her that he spent time with Alexis because she was a good lawyer who kept him out of jail. Carly didn‘t think he needed to placate Alexis so much since the threat to