02.06.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 2/6/2001
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Preview:Luke and Felicia dance the night away.Recap:Roy received confirmation from Tammy that Bobbie had indeed gone to Chicago. He called Bobbie at home and left her a message saying that he knew she was busy with Lucas, but he wanted to see her as soon as possible. In Chicago, Bobbie questioned Melissa Bedford about Roy‘s behavior when Melissa knew him. Melissa said that she believed that Roy was a good man and didn‘t want to lie and that was what had made him such a brilliant liar. She knew that he had cared for her and her brother, but she was really never able to discern what was the truth and what were the lies in their relationship. Bobbie was further stunned to learn that like her, Melissa was a surgical nurse. Alexis and Ned had an awkward meeting at Kelly‘s when Alexis questioned whether or not she should still be legal counsel for L & B. Ned didn‘t think it was a good idea so Alexis said she would bow out of it. Without any warmth at all, Ned said goodbye to her. Carly was