02.05.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 2/5/2001
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Preview:Lucky takes some hot shots of Gia.Recap:Luke returned to Port Charles and immediately called Felicia and asked her to visit him. Felicia said she would come, but she first called Mac to let him know that she planned on seeing Luke. Mac told her that Luke would hurt her, but what she did with her life really wasn‘t his business anymore. They agreed that their friendship was returning and that was the best they could hope for. Felicia urged Bobbie to come clean with Roy about her digging into his past. Bobbie asserted that she wasn‘t just trying to figure out what had happened to Roy, she was trying to protect herself since her last two husbands had betrayed her so badly. She didn‘t want to set herself up for another failure. On the plane to Chicago, she realized she‘d left her planner behind. Roy found the planner at Kelly‘s and Bobbie‘s itinerary for her Chicago trip fell out of it. Liz took Jason breakfast and was surprised when he asked her to leave for a while. Liz worried